How We Work

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There are over 2500 estate agents in London and they are all obliged by law to obtain the best terms possible for their clients. In the new build homes market that means the clients are the developers. Agents are instructed to sell a limited number of properties which includes only their mandated portfolio of prop, which means they have no interest whatsoever to bring to your attention other new developments that might be a better purchase in the same area. This leaves buyers at a severe disadvantage by not being able to cover all that is being built and accessing all the right information at the right time. They are also dealing directly with well-trained negotiators acting for the sellers. By working across the market including smaller sized projects at very early stages of permission, we are able to deliver a full picture of what is coming up in a certain area and identify the most suitable properties for your buying objectives.



Our aim is that you don’t miss out and that you buy the right property at the best possible price.




Buying starts with a brief. First we understand what you need from a property whether it is a home or an investment. Every investor has different priorities in focus when looking for a new property and we take ample time to assess your aims and specific requirements. At this stage we discuss types of investment, budget, possible areas, upcoming stock, risk profile, deliverables. This will be a free of charge meeting at a place convenient to you,(or skype if contacting from another country) where we complete a detailed picture of your investment objectives.



Search / Shortlisting

Based on the brief provided, we use our extensive networks and tools to conduct a thorough research for the best opportunities available now or soon launching. This often involves our team going through thousands of different properties or developments at very early stages, browsing through floorplans and building layouts, in order to compile a comprehensive list of good options that match your budget and investment purposes. This will come to you in the shape of a report.




Depending on the type of investment and stage of the development, we will conduct orientation/viewing tours if the development is at a stage where this is possible. Many opportunities however will be at very early phases of development or not on the market. It’s worth remembering that many off-plan properties will be transacted while there is no construction on ground and no marketing suite available to see.



Negotiation & Due Diligence

We have been “on the other side “and understand the seller’s motivations,selling techniques and possible dealing margins. Which means we have the knowledge to put you in a strong buying position. This is where industry background will bring the competitive advantage when making an offer. We advise on possible discounts where we know them to be achievable, strength and weaknesses of each development/developer, market comparables, future stock in the area, projected yields and capital growth. We make sure not only that you are positioned at the front of the queue, but you are also armed with all the important market intelligence for getting the best deal.




When terms have been agreed we manage each step of the transaction by coordinating closely with the solicitors and all third parties that need to be involved. We can advise on the right financial advisor, tax specialist, property manager, if so required.




Post Exchange Management

Through the specific nature of the new build buying process, the purchase structure often involves completion taking place at a much later date from the exchange. We make sure to manage and coordinate with you regarding the development of works, and act as single point of contact for preliminary viewings and updates to completion and key-handover.


Fee Structure



Upon commencement of our search, we take a retainer to cover our expenses, including phone calls, travel and search time. This will also enforce you as a serious and committed buyer that is prepared to act. This retainer will be fully deductible from the final success fee and covers a 6 month search and reporting period.

Success Fee

% of the achieved purchase price. The success fee includes the property research, reporting, shortlisting, touring, due diligence, negotiation and purchase progression through to exchange of contracts, when the fee will be payable.Post exchange management is included as well. It is very important that we agree a fee structure that is comfortable for our clients. Feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion about what would suit you.
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