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TIMING is everything in the new build residential marketplace and London is currently experiencing the largest development boom in the last 20 years. Every time a new project is launched or pre-launched in the capital investors all over the world want to find themselves ahead of the queue. As professional property investors are aware of, some of the best new build properties never make it to the property portals or the open market. They are being transacted directly by property developers or via the instructed agents at industry specific events (private pre-launches, overseas launches, targeted e-campaigns etc) which means many apartments within a new residential development will be sold off-plan before hitting the internet or even making it into an agent’s presentation.

We stand apart in our approach by being able to provide full access across the new build market, to properties at planning permission stages when you get the chance to cherry pick the best apartments in a development, or at later stages where we can negotiate substantial discounts on your behalf. Working through industry networks, property tools and databases that enable us to gain access to all new build schemes across London we are able to provide a full coverage of new residential developments in London.

In order to navigate the minefield that the new build market can be for the undiscerning eye, one requires significant experience and knowledge of this very specific segment and closely watch the green light of planning as well as market comparables of existing residential developments in london, compare standards and track record between various property developers, as to know what and where to look for a good deal. We aim to do just that on your behalf and we employ all our resources into compiling The First Look Report in order to give you access to existing and upcoming projects and bring more visibility to a segment of the market which too often remains elusive for the majority of buyers.

We stream through thousands of off plan projects in different stages of development, deal with hundreds of property developers across London in order to spot and select what we consider great value, quality and character, high yields and good growth potential, in order to present a full picture of new residential developments. This report unveils upcoming new build projects at relevant stages where we can act to secure a great investment.

Please get in touch via our contact details for further information on any of the developments included in the report or to be updated when one of them becomes available.